Roasted butterflied leg of lamb makes Sunday lunch a breeze. Roasting times are reduced but flavours are enhanced by exposing a greater area for you to rub in great flavours like garlic and rosemary.

Perfect way to enjoy one of our most loved seasonal fruits. We have spiced things up a little with this blackberry chutney and have added some cinnamon to give it that wintery christmas feel.

Here's a great refreshing recipe for those hot summer days we sometimes get!  Lemonade made from fresh lemons is such a refreshing treat, and it's really easy to make. 

Here's a brilliant, simple pancake recipe that will never fail.

The hairy bikers pulled off another great British classic tonight with their lemon curd recipe.  It's so easy to make it's amazing that so many people opt for the shop bought variety which just doesn't compare.

Fresh home made lemon curd has a great lemony tang and freshness to it, and once you make it, you will never go back!

It was great watching the Hairy bikers tonight and we particularly liked their piccalilli recipe which must have tasted amazing. As with many British classics, piccalilli was in fact inspired by indian cuisine, and uses many of the spices found in curry dishes to give it a real kick of flavour.

Piccalilli is great with cold meats and cheeses, and is a favourite at Christmas as well as through the summer when it perfectly compliments many fillings.

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