Yoghurt cake is a real classic recipe which makes a unique texture and flavour.  We recommend using a savarin mould to bake your cake like Nigella did on her Nigellissima TV show.

Gelato cake is a great recipe if you want to impress friends and family, but don’t have the time to spend making a more elaborate dessert.

Gelato cake is a classic Italian recipe that takes a basic ice cream and mixes it with all sorts of flavours and textures to really get your taste buds working.

We absolutely loved this recipe here at Celebrity Kitchen as we are serious chocoholics!

Here's our version of a delicious (and dangerously moreish) chocolate mousse recipe.

Here's a brilliant, simple pancake recipe that will never fail.

There's something about adding lemon curd to this recipe that makes it so much better than a standard blueberry muffin, the lemon flavour provides an amazing zingy edge to a traditional recipe.

The hairy bikers pulled off another great British classic tonight with their lemon curd recipe.  It's so easy to make it's amazing that so many people opt for the shop bought variety which just doesn't compare.

Fresh home made lemon curd has a great lemony tang and freshness to it, and once you make it, you will never go back!

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