Nigella brings us yet more wonderful Italian inspired recipes in episode 3 of her great new series - Nigellissima.

Coming on Monday 8 October, Nigella will be showing us a great pork loin recipe that she will stuff with Parma ham and Oregano, all served up with a speedy mock mash and a vignarola.  A vignarola can be described as a medley of vegetables including peas, spring onions and artichokes, but we're sure Nigella will give this classic side dish her own special treatment.

Nigella will be providing another pasta dish of spelt spaghetti with a no-cook olive and anchovy sauce.  We're expecting strong, fishy flavours from this pasta recipe and we can't wait!

Dessert will be served up in the form of Sambucca kisses.  We're really interested in this recipe and believe they will be doughnut like in texture.

In addition to the recipes mentioned above, we have found that there will be another dessert dish - Iced berries with limoncello white chocolate sauce, sounds great!