The Hairy Dieters - aka The Hairy Bikers have got their new TV show underway tonight.  The show is called How to love food and lose weight and follows Si and Dave on a journey through their lives past present and future in a quest to lose weight but still enjoy food.

Tonight's episode starts with a real pig out cooking up a few favourites before the new regime starts.  Si, Dave and family enjoy some of the Hairy Bikers best recipes, Chicken Kiev followed by pecan and caramel cheesecake.

After the last supper, Si and Dave visit their old school where there are some bad memories all revolving around food and weight issues.  They also get confirmation from an expert about how much overweight they are, and they hear from their family and what their concerns are abou their health.

The Hairy Dieters looks set to be a hit with many people, and will no doubt be touching and informative along the way.  We're sure that there will be some blinding recipes too!

If you're concerned about your weight, there is loads of information available on the NHS website.  Here's a link to a really handy chart showing you what your weight should be for your height.