Rick Stein tastes the Blues

Rick Stein Tastes the Blues coming on Tuesday 15 November 2011 on BBC Four at 9pm.

As part of a BBC season looking at American culture, Rick Stein will be crossing the seas to the home of the Blues for some lip-smacking tastes and flavours. 

Rick will travel to Mississippi to listen to Blues and taste the food that features in the lyrics of some of his favourite songs.  Rick will be demonstrating some of his favourite American Blues recipes, so be sure to check back with Celebrity Kitchen for the recipes.

Our top 10 Blues recipes

  1. Jumbalaya
  2. Catfish pie
  3. Gumbo
  4. Fried Chicken
  5. Cornbread
  6. Collard geens
  7. Mississippi Mud Pie
  8. Pecan Pie
  9. Sweet potato pie
  10. Shrimp creole